Forgot to claim the A-series Buds with your Pixel 6? Check your email

You should receive instructions on how to claim the buds by November 3rd

Google’s latest Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro pre-orders in Canada and the U.S. qualify for a free pair of Google Pixel A-Series Buds. If you rushed through your order and forgot to add the Pixel Buds, fret not. Google says that customers who didn’t add the earbuds to their cart will still receive them.

Initially, when pre-orders went live, you needed to manually add the buds to your cart along with a Pixel 6/6 Pro to “receive the bundle offer.” But as we know, pre-ordering a product isn’t always the most zen experience. Many customers rushed through the order, only to realize that they missed out on the deal.

Since then, users have also gone through the trouble of cancelling and placing orders again just to claim the free buds. However, in an email to customers (via 9to5Google), Google has since stated that affected customers will still be eligible for the freebie. “If you’re eligible for the Pixel Buds A-Series promotion but forgot to add Pixel Buds A-Series to your phone order, don’t worry. We’ll send an email by November 3rd with next steps on how to redeem the offer,” reads Google’s Pixel 6 support page.

If you’re one of the customers who couldn’t claim their freebie, hang on tight and wait for further communication from Google via email.

The same Pixel 6 support page also details that customers might experience longer-than-usual wait times to receive their new Pixel device, quoting strong demand for the smartphone.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google