New DJI Action 2 is a tiny action camera with big ambitions

The cube-shaped camera is designed to film 4K action shots

DJI has been on a roll with product releases over the past few months, and the latest camera to come from the company is the Action 2.

The device is a tiny cube-shaped camera designed to film 4K action shots and more. This year DJI has developed a magnetic accessory system that allows you to clip extra batteries or a front-facing screen to turn the camera into a vlogging rig or make it last a lot longer.

The main section, though, is a camera that can shoot in 4K at 120fps. DJI’s great Rocksteady and Horizon Steady software adds to the stabilization of the shots.

MobileSyrup also sent me a unit to try out (review coming soon), and so far, in a few short tests, the stabilization is quite remarkable. The camera section is waterproof up to six metres.

However, if you want to clip on either the battery or the front-facing screen attachment, you’ll need to wrap the camera and add-on in a waterproof case since only the central cube can handle water. That said, both of the add-ons feature MicroSD card readers, so if you need more than the 32GB packed in the primary camera you’ll need one of these accessories.

You’ll also need to choose which one sounds more up your alley, since DJI only sells the camera bundled with either one of the additional components. The camera+battery costs $399 USD (roughly $493 CAD) and the bundle that comes with the extra screen and other accessories is $519 USD (roughly, $641 CAD). All bundles come with a mount that works with standard action camera accessories and a lanyard to magnetize the speaker to your shirt for a cool FPV perspective.

DJI also offers other non-magnetic accessories like a waterproof case, selfie sticks, floating handles and more.

You can learn more about the camera on DJI’s website.