PlayStation 5 sales have topped 13 million units

Sony reported 76.4 million games sold in this quarter

Sony has sold 13.4 million units of its PlayStation 5 console, the company revealed in its latest earnings report.

3.3 million units were sold during this quarter, compared to the 2.2 million in the previous. While the PS5 is one of many devices that is suffering from supply constraints due to the global chip shortage, that quarter-to-quarter growth at least shows some improvement.

Game sales saw an even larger increase; Sony reported 76.4 million units sold in this quarter, compared to 63.6 million in the previous quarter. The company noted this was driven in large part due to third-party titles.

However, sales of first-party titles dropped from 10.5 million to 7.6 million last quarter. This led to operating income coming in at 82.7 billion yen (about $900 million CAD), a drop from last quarter of 3.4 billion yen (about $37 million CAD).

It’s worth noting that Sony said in August that it secured enough components to sell 22.6 million units by March 2022. This means that the company would need to sell 9.2 million consoles between now and March. While the demand is certainly there for that, it remains to be seen whether PlayStation will be able to manufacture enough systems to hit that goal.

Source: Sony