Rogers to build up fibre internet network in Ramara, Ontario

The project will cost $4 million and is expected to be finished in 2022

Rogers has partnered with the Ontario township of Ramara to expand its fibre internet network in the region.

According to the press release, Rogers is investing $4 million to build new infrastructure to service “800 homes and business” in Ramara, which is located along the northeastern shore of Lake Simcoe.

That new infrastructure includes erecting two new wireless towers in the township, with the help of Ruralwave — a local internet service provider that Rogers purchased in 2020.

Rogers says the project will span “38 square kilometers of underserved area” and should be completed by halfway through next year — i.e. mid-2022.

To ensure connectivity throughout the community, two wireless towers will be installed to provide wireless home internet to more than 80 homes delivering reliable connectivity to residents that are harder to reach with a fibre-optic network

Earlier this week, Rogers announced that it had completed the national rollout of its 5G standalone core network.

The same week has seen Rogers at the centre of a highly-publicized leadership struggle, as conflict continues between the company’s board of directors and founding family.

Source: Rogers