Shure’s MV7X is an affordable streaming mic with unmatched sound quality

If you type “podcast microphone” into your preferred search engine, you’ll be inundated with options. Even for seasoned podcasters, it’s intimidating. 

That’s where the Shure MV7X comes in. 

The search for the right microphone doesn’t have to involve hours of research or intimate audio knowledge. The MV7X cuts through the noise to deliver exactly what podcasters, streamers, and at-home professionals need. 

Shure is known for being the brand behind one of the most iconic microphones of our time: the SM7B. 

Though the SM7B is the gold standard for broadcasting and podcasting, not everyone is ready — or able — to purchase a $500 mic for their podcast or Twitch stream. 

Shure recognized that there was a gap in the market for affordable microphones that offer top-quality sound. And that’s what the MV7X is here to deliver. 

The MV7X offers rich vocals, even in untreated rooms thanks to its voice isolation technology. It’s been designed from its inception to allow podcasters and other vocal professionals to create content wherever they are with great results. 

Hooking the mic up to my audio interface, I was amazed at not only how low the sound floor was, but how little external noise it picked up when I was recording. This was thanks to the dynamic cartridge design and the excellent rear rejection, which focuses the pickup pattern directly in front of the microphone. 

For those who are more familiar with condenser microphones, dynamic mics offer a much richer sound by isolating the sound directly in front of the mic. If you’ve ever wondered how certain podcasters or streamers achieve such a warm sound that doesn’t pick up their dishwasher running two floors away, a high-quality dynamic microphone is the answer. 

I’m already using a dynamic microphone at home, but the difference in quality between my current mic and the MV7X is noticeable. My voice sounds warmer, the mids are clearer, and the background noise is reduced significantly. 

This shouldn’t be surprising. The MV7X is modelled after last year’s popular MV7 microphone — and the MV7 is the descendant of the legendary SM7B. 

The MV7 is a similarly designed dynamic mic from Shure, albeit one with both XLR and USB outputs. It’s a favourite among the podcasting and streaming communities already, topping many lists for the best mic on the market.

The MV7 and MV7X share a near-identical sound, making them entirely interchangeable and compatible for recording. Where they differ is in their outputs. 

You can learn more about the differences between the MV7X and the MV7 in this informative article from Shure, but the difference largely comes down to whether you need a USB output, and the price. 

The MV7X is a cheaper option, focusing on a single XLR output for recording. This makes it an ideal choice for podcasters who need to purchase more than one microphone, or musicians who are already using an XLR audio interface. 

As someone who uses a microphone every day for their job, the purchase of an MV7X in my future is inevitable. After getting to test the microphone for a week, the trip to return it is going to be a sad one. 

The MV7X offers the best sound in its price range, giving content creators across every medium a professional-quality microphone that delivers performance well beyond its price range. 

If you’re looking for the right microphone for you, the MV7X is a Shure bet.

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