Bell is Canada’s best 5G network according to analyst company GWS

PCMag also recently crowned Bell as the fastest network in Canada

Bell’s 5G network has been ranked as the best in Canada by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), a company that tests wireless networks.

GWS says it applies ‘OneScore’ rankings using a combination of real-world wireless network performance measurements and feedback from customers. Additionally, GWS says that key metrics to consider when evaluating 5G networks include speed, reliability, video performance and latency.

Moreover, the company’s evaluation utilized over 425,000 tests conducted across Canada between May and October 2021, which included “all major metropolitan cities as well as less populated towns and cities.” In total, the GWS tests covered 65 percent of Canada’s population.

The company awarded Bell the “Best 5G Network OneSore 2021” and “Fastest 5G Network OneScore 2021.”

GWS says it used ‘Rohde & Schwarz SmartBenchmarker’ equipment, Samsung Galaxy mobile devices and its own ‘MobiStat’ data evaluation and reporting platform.

Bell also shared a press release patting itself on the back for its performance and reiterating plans to bring 5G to roughly 70 percent of the population by the end of the year.

It’s also worth noting that in October, PCMag also awarded Bell as the fastest mobile network. However, OpenSignal released 5G network rankings in August and, while it also awarded Bell with the fastest network, OpenSignal ranked Rogers higher overall thanks to wider 5G availability.

Source: GWS Via: Bell