BrandSpark reveals Canadian consumers’ most trusted ‘Cellular Service’ providers

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Leading market research firm BrandSpark has announced its consumer-voted 9th annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards (BMTAs) across several categories, including ‘Finance & Insurance,’ ‘Health & Fitness,’ ‘Retail & Restaurants,’ and, of course, ‘Telecom & Home.’

On the carrier side of the consumer-focused study, Telus took home gold for ‘Cellular Service,’ followed by Bell, Rogers and Koodo (Telus’ flanker brand) tied for silver. Bell also took home gold for home phone service, followed by Telus with silver and Rogers/Vidéotron tied for bronze.

On the other hand, Bell took home the gold award for ‘High Speed Internet,’ with Rogers, Shaw and Vidéotron tied for silver. Closing out the notable telecom-related categories is Bell/Shaw tied for gold with ‘TV Service,’ followed by Rogers/Vidéotron with Bronze (no company was awarded silver).

Regarding ‘Apps and Websites,’ Flipp took home gold and Reebee took silver for the ‘Best Flyer App,’ SiriusXM won gold for ‘Internet Radio Network’ and Wix won gold for best ‘Website Builder.’

For a full list of award winners, follow this link.

Regarding methodology for the awards, BrandSpark surveyed 7,857 Canadians across 64 categories.

Brandspark’s consumer voting methodology will be the basis for the research firm’s 2022 Best New Products: Tech Edition created through a partnership with MobileSyrup. The Tech Edition of Brandspark’s awards features several new categories, including smartphones, video games, fitness devices, headphones, smart home devices, electric vehicles and more.

Along with awarding top products in each category based on user feedback, the Best New Products: Tech Edition aims to reveal insight into how consumers approach emerging technology, trends and product innovation. Brandspark says that it aims for the inaugural Best New Product awards to include a sample size of over 15,000 Canadians.

If you’re interested in signing up to participate in Brandspark’s 2022 Tech Edition consumer study, follow this link.

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