Shoppers offering 50,000 Optimum points on $150+ online purchases today only

You can earn the points on anything, including video games, consoles and other gaming accessories

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is back again with another limited-time PC Optimum points offer. Today only, you can get 50,000 bonus points when spending $150 or more online at Shoppers Drug Mart.

50,000 Optimum points have a value of about $50 when redeemed at participating locations, which effectively makes this a ‘spend $150 and get $50 back’ offer.

While the deal is, unfortunately, only available on November 3rd, it’s worth noting that Shoppers often does bonus Optimum point offers like this. Just a few days ago the retailer gave away 40,000 points on purchases of $125 or more. In other words, if you miss this round of points there will probably be another points deal soon.

As Canada’s resident video game deals expert ‘Lbabinz‘ points out, the Shoppers Optimum points offer is particularly good because it works on games, consoles and other accessories. That means you can buy $150 in games and gaming accessories and get 50,000 points to redeem on future game purchases.

Of course, if you don’t care for games, there are plenty of other things you can buy from Shoppers to get those 50,000 points. Those interested can learn more about the offer here. And if you don’t have a PC Optimum points account, you can sign up for one here.

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart Via: Lbabinz