Some Alberta, B.C. customers getting $70/mo 1Gbps internet from Telus

Apparently reps are offering several standout deals as part of Telus' PureFibe internet expansion in those provinces

If you live in Alberta or B.C., you might have some luck getting a pretty decent Telus internet deal.

According to a post on RedFlagDeals (RFD) from ‘greghuston,’ those who live in neighbourhoods getting access to Telus’ ‘PureFibre’ internet might be able to get a 1Gbps plan for $70/month on a two-year term.

In the post, greghuston explains that they got Telus’ 1Gbps PureFibre internet, equipment, a $150 bill credit and unlimited data all for $70/mo plus tax. They go on to note that the deal appears to be only available for new customers and that they got it via a special deal from a rep, not directly through Telus.

Other RFD users chimed in to note that it’s common to get special offers from third-party reps since Telus has several companies working on expanding PureFibre.

Greghuston later notes that their first statement from Telus included a $200 credit and had the correct $70/mo price.

Overall, it definitely sounds like there’s a strong ‘your mileage may vary’ element here, but anyone lucky enough to get an offer like this may want to take it. Looking at Telus’ website right now, there’s an offer for PureFibre 1Gbps internet starting at $89/mo (including a $10 discount for being a Telus or Koodo mobility customer) and a $50 bill credit for online orders. $70/mo with a $200 bill credit is quite a bit better.

You can check out the RFD thread here for more information. Alternatively, you can view Telus’ website here.

Source: RFD