Nintendo’s next ‘gaming system’ won’t release until 20XX

Wait... what?

Nintendo Switch vs OLED Switch

Even though the Switch OLED model isn’t a month old yet, Nintendo is already talking about its successor — well, sort of.

During its recent presentation to investors, Nintendo stated that it plans to “continue to expand its business around the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware-software products.” Reading between the lines, this likely means that the company plans to release more video game consoles in the future — surprise.

However, the actual release window when this successor to the Switch will release remains unknown. In the presentation (which you can find here), Nintendo says that its “next gaming system” will drop at an undefined date in “20xx.” Other than stating it has plans to create another video game console in the future, the company doesn’t let any further details slip.

Though the OLED Switch is a decent refresh to the original Switch, it’s far from a true successor. It features the same overall design as the OG Switch, and, more importantly, it isn’t an internal hardware upgrade. For months, reports swirled that Nintendo planned to release a new version of the Switch capable of playing 4K titles when docked, but those rumours have yet come to fruition.

While the Switch is a great console, it’s nearly five years into its life cycle, and especially in the face of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, its hardware is starting to show its age.

Source: Nintendo Via: IGN