Amazon plans to build servers to host cloud computing in Calgary

This will be Amazon's second server hub in Canada

Amazon is on track to open a second cloud computing server hub in Canada with a new location planned for Calgary in Alberta.

The hub is being placed in Calgary to provide better coverage for Western Canada since the only other Canadian server hub for Amazon web services (AWS) is in Montreal.

The tech/retail giant plans to open the data centre at some point in late 2023 or early 2024. Amazon also estimates that the construction and operation of the new server hub, combined with the existing jobs in Montreal, will amount to 5,000 jobs and an investment of $17 billion into the local economies around Calgary and Montreal by 2037.

Obviously, these are some giant numbers with minimal context so it’s hard to grasp how profitable or successful the Amazon hubs will actually be in Calgary. But for developers, websites and tools that take advantage of AWS and are based in Western Canada, this should bring a fairly substantial speed improvement.

Amazon has also invested in other areas of the province. In April, the company even announced that it was planning to build a giant solar farm to generate 195,000 megawatt-hours of power per year.

Source: Amazon