Twitch is now available on Nintendo Switch

Still no word on Netflix, though

Nintendo Switch Twitch

Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

The app is available as a free 31MB download from the Switch eShop.

Amusingly, though, outside of Hulu in the U.S., the Switch still doesn’t offer popular global video streaming services like Netflix. Both the Wii U (the console’s predecessor) and 3DS supported Netflix, and in 2018, the streaming service confirmed it was interested in bringing its app to the Switch as well. PlayStation and Xbox consoles, meanwhile, now have Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and Crave.

Only time will tell whether greater video app support may come to the Switch, especially as Nintendo has, admittedly, been (slowly) adding long-awaited features as of late. In September, the company finally rolled out support for Bluetooth audio, while N64 (and Sega Genesis) games came to Nintendo Switch Online via a more expensive tier last month. However, some of the N64 titles have been marred by technical issues.

Source: Nintendo