Koodo email mistakenly offers $8/45GB, $55/55GB and $70/70GB plans

These offers are definitely a mistake and it seems like Koodo won't honour them

Update 11/12/2021 at 2:54pm ET: Koodo confirmed to MobileSyrup that the email include an “error in [its] rate plan promotions.” The carrier is working to fix the problem and will send out corrected details to customers soon. The full statement is available below:

“On Friday, November 12, some Koodo customers received an email with an error in our rate plan promotions. We are working as fast as we can to rectify this and will be sending corrected promotion details to impacted customers as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the confusion this may have caused.”

Koodo is about to have a very bad day.

According to a chaotic thread on RedFlagDeals, Koodo sent out email offers to a bunch of customers with absolutely insane plans, including $8/mo 45GB, $45/45GB and $70/70GB. So far, all the RFD reports say that these plans aren’t actually available when clicking the link in the email — instead, the offer is for fairly regular in-market plans like $50/10GB and $55/12GB (both of these plans are actually listed on Koodo’s website too).

So far, those that have called in say that reps don’t know about the plans. Some reps claim the email offers are spam (although that doesn’t appear to be the case). Other people can’t even get through. Likely, the call lines are swamped with people trying to claim the offer.

However, chances are the emails include an error — as some RFD users pointed, it’s strange that the monthly cost and data amount are the same numbers (i.e. $45 and 45GB).

Regardless of what the situation is, if you do call Koodo, don’t be a dick to the customer service reps — they have nothing to do with the emailed offer, mistake or otherwise.

Aside from the fact that there’s basically no way anyone will convince Koodo to actually give out this plan, the most annoying part is that these are the kind of prices Canadians should have. Other countries have prices at this level, thanks to having actual competition.

Source: RFD