Samsung pokes fun at Apple with Netflix’s Bridgerton

We see what you did there with 'Lord Macintosh.'

Today Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series, but unlike in previous years, the company partnered with Netflix to show off its new S series smartphones.

In the ad, Queen Charlotte (played by Golda Rosheuvel), from the Shondaland and Netflix series Bridgerton, is holding the season’s inventor’s ball at the Palace.

The first invention revealed in the amusing ad is a raincoat presented by Lord Macintosh, which Queen Charlotte quickly dismissed. While this is just a brief scene before Tristar revealed the Galaxy S22, there’s clearly shade being thrown at Apple if you read between the lines. In case you weren’t aware, before 1998, Apple’s computers were called Macintosh, which is definitely a throwback.

The trailer continues by showing off the S22 and S22+, with the queen being interested in the handset’s camera sensors.

The video ends with Queen Charlotte asking Lord Tristar when the phone will be ready. He then reveals that the phone won’t be available for 209 years. This means that you won’t be seeing the Galaxy S22 or S22+ on the second season of Bridgerton.

Source: Samsung