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PS Plus contest

Sony’s PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription tiers launch on June 13th, and both tiers will offer access to up to 400 first and third-party PS4 and PS5 games — you can check out the first tier of games here. 

However, PS Plus Premium will also give users access to classic original PlayStation and PSP games, classic and remastered games, PlayStation 3 titles via streaming and two-hour game trials.

A year’s membership of PlayStation Plus Premium costs $139.99, which is pretty pricey considering PlayStation players are used to paying only $69.99 for current PlayStation Plus (the current version of PlayStation Plus will be dubbed PS Plus Essential.)

MobileSyrup is offering five lucky contestants a full year of PlayStation Plus Premium codes. The winners will be selected on June 10th, so keep an eye out for an email that day. On the morning of June 13th, you’ll find the code in your inbox.

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