Missing FIFA 22 May Prime Gaming is now under investigation

So far there is no indication of the packs will be released on Prime Gaming

The FIFA 22 May Prime Gaming Pack (Pack 8) release continues to remain unknown as the free pack is still unavailable to claim.

Since 2019, EA and Amazon Prime Gaming have been partnered and part of their collaboration was an offer that provides Prime subscribers with one free pack per month in FIFA 22.  The May rewards were anticipated to be the eight free sets of rewards released.

On May 23rd, the pack was supposed to launch but did not appear as a reward for all Prime Gaming members for more than a week, however, Prime Gaming issued a statement as shown below:

EA has yet to release anything as of June 6th, leaving fans disappointed.

For information about Prime Gaming and their FIFA monthly packs, check out their website.

Image credit: Prime Gaming

Sources: Mirror, @primegaming