Auto-transcription and simplified grading added to Google education tools

Virtual learning just got easier to maintain

School is almost out, but learning still continues. Google is making it easier to finish the year off with updated Classroom and Workspace features.

Workspace will enable Meet calls to be auto-transcribed into Google Docs, followed by the ability to host polls and Q&A sessions, livestream public events to YouTube and picture-in-picture to manage presentations while viewing a class.

As for Classroom, teachers have access to a variety of add-ons and extensions like EdPuzzle, which automatically implements and grades assignments, and PearDeck, which creates assignments straight from its own library.

Classroom can also add YouTube videos to lessons, export grades and get updates through email notifications.

Students also have the ability to access the Read Along app, which is getting a beta on its web version in July 2022.

For more information on Google Classroom and Workspace add-ons, check out Google’s education website.

Image credit: Google

Via: Engadget