Nintendo of Canada announces Switch ‘Summer Experience’ tour

The cross-Canada tour runs from July 9th to August 13th

Nintendo Canada has unveiled its ‘Switch Summer Experience’ tour schedule along with a list of the games available to play at the various events.

The tour will take place in cities across British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario beginning July 9th, with its first city event in Vancouver. The list of cities and tour dates are as listed below. Note that every location with a * requires paid admission.

Most importantly, the games that will be available to play at Switch Summer Experience tour events are as follows:

Registration operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you’ll have to sign-up for tickets quickly. For more information on registration, Nintendo’s Switch Summer Experience website.

If you plan to pre-register for ‘Warp Pipe Pass’ for faster access, click the link.

Image credit: Nintendo

Source: Nintendo