Google surveys users on revamped Home app experience

Google wants your feedback

After revamping the way Home app’s look in October 2022, Google is pushing out a survey through the app, asking users to rate their experience of the redesigned application. The survey, which spans over 20 pages, appears as a card in the Activity tab of the app.

The application first confirms whether you’re using the Public Preview of the application. If yes, it prompts you to answer several short questions, like if you’re using an Android or iOS device, which country you reside in, and what types of devices you have in the Home app (including the likes of smart locks, smart doorbells, Wi-Fi routers and thermostats).

The survey then asks questions to gauge your “Technology Attitudes,” and figure out what kind of a user you are, followed by questions regarding whether you would “recommend the Public Preview version of the Google Home app to your friends and family,” and if you’re satisfied with the app.

Which smart home features and device types have you been using with the Public Preview version of the Google Home app? Select all that apply

  • Lighting
  • Home feed and history
  • Camera – live view
  • Camera – history
  • Media & entertainment
  • Thermostats
  • Wifi network
  • Routines / automation
  • Sensors (motion, temp, etc.)
  • Settings

In the ‘Cameras’ section of the app, you’re asked if you’ve used the Home app with current- or last-gen Nest, Arlo or Logitech cameras. The survey also asks about the level of video history you have and your overall satisfaction with the video experience. Other key topics in the survey include questions about Favourites & Controls, Lighting, Entertainment, and Automations Tab & Routines, as well as questions about the Home & Away switcher and the Settings tab.

To conclude, the survey asks users if they prefer the previous version of the Google Home app or the new revamped Public Preview, and if they have recently used the Nest app and how it compares.

You can take the survey here or through the Home app.

Via: 9to5Google