Fido plans now cost $5 more per month

Don't worry, you can also get a $5/mo discount by signing up for Automatic Payments


Rogers flanker brand Fido appears to have raised prices for most of its plans by about $5/mo while also rolling out a $5/mo discount for those who sign up for Automatic Payments.

A recent change to Fido’s website now shows the text “After $5.00 per month Automatic Payments Discount” on several of the provider’s plans. Moreover, several plans are now listed at higher prices than they were just a few days ago. MobileSyrup documented Fido’s plans on January 21st and also on January 13th when detailing the provider’s Lunar New Year deals.

The new plan prices are as follows:

  • Talk & Text (no data) – $38/mo or $33/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $33/mo)
  • 8GB – $60/mo or $55/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $55/mo)
  • 10GB – $65/mo or $60/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $60/mo)
  • 15GB – $70/mo or $65/mo with Automatic Payments Discount (previously $65/mo)

Update 2023/01/27 at 8:43am ET: Fido confirmed to MobileSyrup that it was offering a $5 discount to customers that sign up for Automatic Payments, noting that it was offered to customers who upgrade or activate a current, in-market plan. I also noted that I could sign up for Automatic Payments on my Fido line, but wasn’t offered the discount.
Fido is still offering the $10/mo for 12 months Lunar New Year discount, but so are Koodo and Virgin Plus.