Minister Champagne wants Rogers, Québecor to commit to wireless affordability

The mergers can't proceed without Minister Champagne's approval

Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry is reportedly looking for a series of “firm commitments” from Rogers and Québecor about wireless affordability.

According to The Globe and Mail, François-Philippe Champagne wants the two companies to put into writing that they’ll “maintain affordable and accessible wireless service,” and failures to do so will lead to consequences.

Rogers is acquiring Shaw under a $26 billion transaction. Québecor subsidiary Vidéotron is purchasing Shaw’s wireless licences under Freedom Mobile as part of the deal.

The mergers have passed through other approval obstacles, and Minister Champagne is the last to sign off. His conditions for approval include Vidéotron keeping the acquired licenses for 10 years and the company dropping wireless bills by 20 percent in Ontario and Western Canada.

However, Minister Champagne previously stated that he’s in no hurry to provide approval. 

The three companies expanded their deadline to conclude the transactions from January 31st to February 17th as they wait for approval.

Image credit: @fp_champagne

Source: Globe and Mail