Telus, Rogers, Bell kill 60GB plan, replace it with $105/100GB plan

The 100GB plan is $20/mo cheaper than before

At the big three Canadian carriers, 100GB of data is the new 60GB.

Telus, Rogers and Bell all updated their websites within the last day or so to replace their 60GB plans with 100GB plans for the same price. At all three, customers now have the option to get a $105/mo plan with 100GB of data at up to 1Gbps speeds (throttled to 512Kbps beyond the 100GB cap).

Along with the data, the plans include unlimited calling and texting, as well as access to calling, texting and data in both Canada and the U.S. Customers also get some other benefits, depending on the carrier — this includes things like voicemail, perks like Disney+ or Crave, and more

From left to right: Telus, Rogers and Bell $105/100GB plan

Earlier this year, Telus, Rogers and Bell all offered $105/mo 60GB plans and $125/mo 100GB plans. However, it seems like the 60GB option is gone now, and the 100GB plan price was reduced to take its place.

Moreover, the three carriers still offer $85/25GB plans and $95/50GB plans (except Rogers, which has $95/40GB instead). Bell and Rogers also offer $55/mo “Lite” plans for additional lines.

It’s worth noting that the change comes after Bell and Telus announced plans to increase the cost of their roaming packages later in March. For some, the Canada-U.S. plan will work as a decent replacement for the U.S. roaming package, but it depends on how often you travel stateside.

You can check out Telus’ plans here, Rogers’ plans here, or Bell’s plans here.