Samsung Electronics reported to create in-house CPUs for future phones

Samsung's rumoured in-house CPUs could make their first appearance in 2027

Apple and Pixel smartphones both use in-house chipsets, but Samsung still relies on Qualcomm for its chips with most of its devices, and its in-house Exynos chips have always performed worse and are less efficient in most cases.

With that in mind, Samsung could be looking to build its own custom CPU, according to a Business Korea report. Samsung’s electronics division has even gone so far as to create a new internal team to spearhead its custom CPU design efforts.

The new in-house CPU could appear in 2027 alongside the Galaxy S27 series, considering that Samsung continues to name the S series numerically.

Samsung’s previous in-house designed Mongoose CPU cores in Exynos SoCs (System-on-Chip) were powerful but too power-hungry and inefficient compared to what Qualcomm had to offer, resulting in the company killing off its CPU design team and laying off over 300 developers from its R&D facility in Austin, Texas.

Now, Samsung has beefed up efforts to develop its next-generation system-on-chips (SoCs), likely called the Galaxy chip. With an in-house CPU, Samsung aims to optimize the SoCs for its devices, leading to superior performance and battery life.

Despite the renewed interest in custom CPU development, Samsung has gone all in on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip across all markets for its Samsung Galaxy S23 series. The Samsung S23 series preorders have already squashed S22 sales in multiple markets.

The chip used in the S23 series delivers exceptional performance and efficiency compared to last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Samsung will likely continue using Qualcomm’s chips until its in-house custom CPUs are ready for primetime.

Source: Business Korea Via: Android Police