Tesla Model X receives further price cuts in Canada

The last time the Model X received a price cut was in January 2023

Tesla is on a price-cutting spree.

The company slashed prices for vehicles across all categories back in January, with some models receiving an up to 20 percent price cut.

In January, due to the price cut, the Tesla Model 3 RWD finally qualified for the $5,000 CAD federal iZEV rebate, since the vehicle’s price had dropped below the $55,000 CAD limit.

Now, the Austin, Texas-based company is delivering another range of price cuts, most of which are applicable in the United States, with only the Model X receiving a reduction in Canada.

As shared by TeslaNorth, the Model S received a $5,000 USD price cut in the U.S. on both, the Long Range and Plaid models, while the Model X saw a $10,000 USD drop on its Long Range and Plaid models. Before the price cut, the Long Range Model S was $94,990 USD (now $89,990 USD), and the Plaid Model S was $114,990 USD (now $109,990 USD). Similarly, before the price cut, the Long Range Model X was $109,990 USD (now $99,990 USD), and the Plaid Model X was $119,990 USD (now $109,990 USD).

As mentioned above, only the Model X saw a price drop in Canada. The Model X Long Range saw a $7,000 CAD price drop to $135,990 CAD from $142,990 CAD. Similarly, the Model X Plaid got a $7,000 CAD cut, going from $156,990 CAD to $149,990 CAD.

For reference, at the beginning of the year, the Model X Long Range was $157,990, while the Model X Plaid was $156,990.

Check out the previous round of price cuts here.

Via TeslaNorth