Discord voice chat launches on Sony’s PlayStation 5

All you have to do is link your account

PlayStation 5 users are getting a new software update.

The most significant addition is a new social feature that allows users to join a Discord Voice Chat on their PS5 consoles. You need to link your Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from your PS5 console, PlayStation.com, or the Discord app.

You’ll then need to use the Discord app on your mobile or computer to get a Discord voice chat going on your PS5 console, and the Discord app needs to be updated to the latest version.

You can also start or request a Share Screen from your friend’s profile and send a Share Screen request or start sharing your screen with a friend directly from the profile page. You only need to click the Share Screen icon on your friend’s profile.

Other changes in the system update include variable refresh rate support for 1440p and a filter for when you add games to your game list. With the launch of PS VR2, you can also now filter VR titles through your library.

Further updates include a ‘join game’ icon in party chats and a “friends who play’ tile that shows which games are in your game hub.

You can manually upload game capture to the PlayStation app, quickly transfer data from one PS5 to another, and more. Most updates were shared in February, but features are now rolling out to all users.

Xbox players can already enjoy Discord chat, and the company implemented the feature in September of 2022.

Source: PlayStation