New Samsung store within Fortnite shows off the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung's partnership with Fortnite is a strategic move to engage a younger audience

Samsung and Fortnite are no strangers. Back in 2018, the South Korea-based company gave owners of the Note 9 or the Tab S4 a cool-looking Galaxy-themed skin. 

Later in 2019, the company awarded those who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e smartphones a special K-pop star Fortnite skin. The company has also held exclusive Fortnite-themed events in the U.S.

Now, Samsung has again partnered with Fortnite to bring the Galaxy S23 flagship devices to the Fortnite metaverse, allowing players to interact with different Samsung devices in-game. The metaverse is aptly named the Samsung SmartCity store, within a Samsung Island.

Players can access the Samsung Island using the code 8526-6648-9508 and participate in the Fun Game Quest, a hide-and-seek type of game where each round, players must find Galaxy S23 devices across the map and keep them. According to Samsung Latin America’s marketing director, channels in the metaverse need to be continuously updated, and the partnership with Fortnite is allowing the company to connect with great speed, messages, products, and people, with a high degree of immersion.

Samsung’s partnership with Fortnite is a strategic move to engage younger audiences and display the company’s latest technology. By creating a unique platform within Fortnite, Samsung is providing users with an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into current and future technology from the company.

Image credit: Epic

Via: GSMArena