Virgin Plus changes its overage data charge, rolls out $10/month discount on select plans

Koodo is also offering a $10/month discount on its $60/20GB plan

Virgin Plus logo on an iPhone

Virgin Plus has changed the cost of its data overage charge.

According to the company’s website, additional data will now cost $20/GB, up to 8GB. After that, it’ll cost $0.02/MB.

According to information a Virgin customer shared with MobileSyrup, the change went into effect on March 8th.

Virgin is also offering $10/month in savings over 24 months on select bring your own phone plans.

Virgin’s online exclusives as of March 8th, 2023.

The 20GB data plan is available for $50/month through the online exclusive deal. The plan usually costs $60.

The 30GB plan is available for $55/ month, reduced from the $65 monthly charge. Both plans include unlimited minutes.

The offer only applies to new activations.

Koodo is also offering something similar. A $10/monthly discount is available on its $60/20GB plan, making it $50 a month. While the discount lasts for 24 months, this is the only plan where the deal applies.

Koodo’s online exclusive offer as of March 8th, 2023.