Save $10/mo for 24 months on Fido’s 20GB plan

Fido joined Koodo and Virgin in offering a $10/mo credit for 24 months on the plan.

Rogers flanker brand Fido joined Virgin and Koodo in offering a $10/mo credit for 24 months on select BYOP plans – well, on one plan, at least.

Like Koodo, Fido is offering the credit on its $65/mo 20GB plan and, when combined with Fido’s $5/mo automatic payments discount, brings the cost of the plan down to match the $50/20GB plan offered by Virgin and Koodo. To get the credit, you’ll need to add promo code ‘FIDOPROMO10’ when selecting your plan.

Unfortunately, the offer is only for BYOP plans and is only available online.

While it’s good to see Fido getting on this deal train, it’s worth noting that it’s got the worst offer of the three flanker brands unless you sign up for automatic payments. Moreover, only Virgin has the $55/mo 30GB option — both Fido and Koodo charge $65 for that plan.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Fido, Koodo and Virgin all currently have a limited-time double-data deal going on. It’s not clear when the offer will end, so you may want to act fast. Oh, and Fido (as well as Rogers) are picking a fight over roaming charges by offering customers a free day of roaming while Telus, Koodo, Bell and Virgin up roaming costs.

You can learn more on Fido’s website.