Rogers finalizing merger details as it awaits Minister’s approval: CEO

Rogers is taking over Shaw in a $26-billion merger

Rogers’ CEO Tony Staffieri says the company has been solidifying its “integration plans” as it waits for approval from Innovation Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

“The time has allowed us to do is solidify our integration plans while at the same time, over the last year and a bit, we went through a bit of our own transformation within each of our businesses, within wireless and cable and media,” Staffieri said at Scotiabank’s TMT conference Tuesday, as reported by Cartt.

The Minister is responsible for approving Vidéotron’s acquisition of Shaw’s wireless licenses through Freedom Mobile. The deal plays a major role in Rogers’ $26-billion takeover of Shaw.

“We’re entering the transaction from a stronger position than we would’ve been 16 months ago, so that’s been really helpful,” Staffieri said. “In terms of the execution steps that we have, they are locked and loaded and ready to go since we’ve had more time to do it. So at a very structural level — more preparedness, the environment is better as well.”

At the February 13th Industry and Technology committee meeting, Champagne said “there will be a decision in due course.” Rogers, Shaw and Québecor recently extended their self-imposed deadline to March 31st.

Via: Cartt