Koodos $65/30GB plan now available for $55/mo

You can get a $10/mo credit on the plan for 24 months


The Big Three flanker brands, Koodo, Fido and Virgin Plus, have been locked in a pricing struggle over the last couple of weeks. Now, Koodo’s upping the ante by matching Virgin’s $55/mo 30GB plan.

For context, Virgin rolled out a $10/mo discount for 24 months for people who sign up for two of its plans online, the $60/20GB and $65/30GB plan. Both Koodo and Fido matched the discount for the 20GB plan, bringing the price down to $50/mo, but Virgin remained supreme with the $55/30GB offer.

However, a recent update to Koodo’s website lists the $65/30GB plan as having the same $10/mo credit for 24 months, bringing it down to $55 as well.

Koodo’s $65/30GB plan with a $10/mo credit on March 10th, 2023

That leaves Fido as the only one without a $55/30GB offer (at least for now).

The current $10/mo discount offer is being applied to plans that already received a double data bonus. Late last month, Koodo, Virgin and then Fido rolled out extra data on these plans, bumping the $60 plan from 10GB to 20GB, and the $65 plan from 15GB to 30GB. It’s not clear how long these deals will stick around, but if you can save $10/mo and get double the data, you should try and take advantage of the offer.

Moreover, Koodo and Virgin just increased roaming costs. In response, Fido is offering one day of free roaming to customers.

You can check out Koodo’s plans here.