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Are you playing Tim Hortons’ Roll Up To Win this year?

Canadians need the Tim's app or a rewards card to play. But with the company's recent privacy scandal, are you on board?

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is currently hosting its annual “Roll Up To Win” contest.

And if you’ve noticed, the company has replaced the once famous “Roll Up The Rim” slogan with “Roll Up To Win.”

This is because Tim Hortons’ hot drink cups no longer have prizes hidden within their rims. The long-time norm stopped during the pandemic. People often rolled up the rim with their teeth, and with the onset of COVID-19, that wasn’t the safest way to limit the spread of germs.

So the company moved the contest online in 2021, and the practice has been digital ever since.

Now, users have to scan the Tim Hortons app or their physical card (to play online) to collect chances to win prizes. But with the company’s recent privacy scandal, I’m not sure how many Canadians would be on board.

As a recap, the Privacy Commissioners of Canada, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia found the app tracked users’ geolocation data. In May 2019, the app collected user data almost every five minutes, tracking where customers lived, worked, or if they were at a Tim Hortons competitor.

While The TDL Group, the coffee chain’s Canadian operator, said it would delete the data in question, current laws mean it wasn’t subjected to disciplinary action.

As a lame excuse for an apology, the company offered all impacted users a free hot beverage and baked good.

We want to know, do you plan to still play Tim Hortons’ Roll Up to Win this year despite the controversy surrounding the fast food chain’s app?

Image credit: Tim Hortons