Ericsson launches quantum research hub in Montreal

The company is partnering with the University of Ottawa and the Université de Sherbrooke for research projects

Ericsson Canada has opened a new research hub to focus on quantum research.

Based in Montreal, the hub will be home to projects exploring “quantum-based algorithms for accelerating processing in telecom networks and distributed quantum computing.”

Ericsson is collaborating with the University of Ottawa and the Université de Sherbrooke and will pair its researchers with post-doctoral fellows. 

“At Ericsson Research, we are exploring future communications using quantum computing to build up what we call a network compute fabric, providing a unified, integrated execution environment for massively distributed intelligent applications,” Magnus Frodigh, vice president and head of Ericsson Research, said.

The quantum sector will play a big role in Canada’s economy. A 2020 study from the National Research Council of Canada estimates Canada’s quantum industry will be worth $139 billion and host more than 200,000 jobs by 2045.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Ericsson