If you’ve cancelled Netflix, the streaming service wants you back

Instead of offering a deal, Netflix is trying to bring back old customers with the $5.99 ad tier

If you unsubscribed from Netflix because of the platform’s new password-sharing policies, you might have recently received an email from the streaming service.

It looks like Netflix is contacting some previous customers in an attempt to get them to rejoin the service.

In the email, Netflix targets several of the TV shows it thinks you might want to watch in an effort to convince you to resubscribe.

This isn’t necessarily a surprising move for the subscription service, as other streaming platforms employ similar tactics to bring back past subscribers. However, these win-back offers typically involve some deal. In Netflix’s case, all that’s being offered is the lowest-level ad-support tier at its regular $5.99 price.

A survey conducted by MobileSyrup found that 46 percent of respondents (out of 6,900) either cancelled their Netflix subscription or don’t plan to get their own Netflix account after being kicked off a friend or family member’s profile.

Despite implementing its new password sharing policy, it doesn’t look like Netflix has done anything to enforce it yet, with those borrowing access to accounts still being able to use them.

Source: @@JigSal_