TikTok rolls out new guidelines for content generated by AI

The new rules outlaw deepfakes for private figures

TikTok has rolled out a new set of rules targeting deepfakes and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Under the new guidelines, users have to label synthetic media, which TikTok defines as content created or edited by AI, such as deepfakes.

The platform has also banned deepfakes containing ordinary citizens who aren’t public figures. Content containing synthetic media for public figures is also out if the content is used for endorsement purposes or violates other platform policies, such as hate speech.

“Material that has been edited, spliced, or combined (such as video and audio) in a way that may mislead a person about real-world events” isn’t allowed, the company says in its updated guidelines.

The changes come as TikTok faces mounting pressures from government officials in various countries.

The U.S. seeks to ban the app unless its founders sell their stake in the company. TikTok operates under Beijing-based ByteDance.

The Canadian government banned TikTok on all government devices on March 1st. Provinces and Territories followed soon after, and some municipalities have also outlawed the app.

Source: TikTok Via: The Verge