Another OnePlus 11 concept phone is reportedly in the making

It's unclear when the concept OnePlus 11 could hit the market, and when it does, it might just be exclusive to China

OnePlus recently showed off a new concept OnePlus 11 device with “Active CryoFlux” cooling technology. The company reportedly has another concept device in the works, as shared by OnePlus China president Li Jie, and this device, unlike the one shown last month, might actually make its way to customers’ hands.

Jie shared a teaser image of the concept phone on the Chinese social media website Weibo (via Android Police). Jie wrote, “OnePlus 11 is about to launch a “special product”, which once again challenges the “impossible” in the industry.” He added, “It is built with unprecedented materials and craftsmanship, making each mobile phone unique and leading the flagship quality again.”

The accompanying teaser image can be seen below:

It’s unknown how different the new device will be from the original OnePlus 11. Considering that Jie’s teaser post says that the device will be “built with unprecedented materials and craftsmanship,” we can safely assume the concept device won’t feature a regular aluminum frame and might be available in new colours.

As shared by GSMArena, tipster Digital Chat Station might have been able to get their hands on the concept device. According to the publication, the tipster said that the device uses a special material on the back and feels cold to the touch.

We are uncertain about when the concept OnePlus 11 could hit the market, and when it does, it might just be a China-exclusive device.

Image credit: Li JieLouis on Weibo

Source: Li JieLouis on Weibo Via: AndroidPolice