Did your Google smart speaker just get louder? You’re not alone

Several reports of increasing volume on Nest Hubs and other Google smart speakers are circling online

Google’s Nest Hub and other smart speakers have gotten louder for some people and for no apparent reason.

9to5Google reported on the issue and cited a couple of Reddit threads about it as well. The first and second-gen Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max, Nest Audio and other speakers have all been mentioned as experiencing the issue.

MobileSyrup’s editor-in-chief, Patrick O’Rourke, has also experienced the problem, and I’ve noticed my first-gen Nest Hub volume has gotten louder as well, though my Nest Hub Max hasn’t had any issues. Oddly, my Nest Hub seems to sporadically change its volume as well, which doesn’t seem to be as widespread of an issue.

Based on the various reports, it seems that most Google smart speakers are as loud at one percent volume as they used to be at around 10 percent volume. While seemingly not a huge deal, considering many people use the Nest Hub on a bedside table — like I do — it’s understandably frustrating when the low volume suddenly gets much louder.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear what’s causing the problem, and Google hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet. Hopefully we can at least learn what’s behind the change, or even better, get Google to change it back. But only time will tell.

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