Ford F-150 Lightning’s successor is in the works

The upcoming truck is codenamed Project T3

After the F-150 Lightning, Ford is ready to produce a second all-electric truck.

The upcoming truck, codenamed Project T3, was revealed at Ford’s recent press conference held at its $5.6 billion ($7.7 billion CAD) BlueOval City EV mega-campus, where construction is on track to begin vehicle production in 2025.

The new electric truck comes on the heels of Ford’s successful introduction of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup, which became the best-selling electric truck since its launch, with 15,617 units sold through December. The Mustang Mach-E also led Ford’s electric vehicle sales with nearly 40,000 units sold last year, making Ford the second-largest EV maker in the U.S., behind only Tesla.

The T3 in Project T3 stands for “Trust The Truck.” The truck is equipped with cutting-edge technology and can handle a wide range of tasks, including towing, hauling, generating power, and numerous other innovations.

“Project T3 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revolutionize America’s truck. We are melding 100 years of Ford truck know-how with world-class electric vehicle, software and aerodynamics talent. It will be a platform for endless innovation and capability,” said Ford CEO, Jim Farley. He added that Project T3 is a platform for endless innovation and capability, like the Millennium Falcon with a back porch attached.

Ford’s BlueOval City is designed to be Ford’s first carbon-neutral campus, as the automaker aims to power all plants globally with renewable and carbon-free electricity by 2035. The BlueOval City mega-campus is expected to produce 500,000 electric trucks per year once fully operational.

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Via: Electrek