Presto officially replaces TTC tokens as main fare system

The death of the TTC token has finally arrived

Friday, March 24th is the last day TTC tokens will be available to purchase, with Metrolinx’s Presto card entirely taking over paying for the transit system’s fares.

The TTC hasn’t directly sold tokens since late 2019, but some third-party retailers continued to offer them. The TTC says that tokens and tickets will still be accepted.

Presto cards can be loaded with money or a monthly pass at Fare Vending Machines, Shoppers Drug Mart locations, through the Presto app and online at prestocard.ca. It’s worth noting that the Presto system also works with iPhone/Apple Watch Apple pay payments and Google Pay via a credit card.

According to the TTC, Presto cards now account for more than 90 percent of fares on Toronto’s transit system.

Source: TTC