Reddit banned record number of posts, accounts, featuring harmful content in 2022: report

The company also says it will start publishing its transparency reports biannually

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Reddit removed more offensive content from its website in 2022 than the year prior, its recently released transparency report shows.

Roughly four percent of all content shared on the platform was removed for violating Reddit’s Content policy or community rules.

Copyright notices increased by 43 percent, and removal requests from government and law enforcement agencies increased by 51 percent. Legal requests for account information from this source went up by 61 percent.

Image credit: Reddit

In March 2022, the company changed its rules to make it easier for people to report prohibited non-consensual intimate media. This led to the company banning 473 percent more subreddits concerning the matter in 2022 compared to the year prior. User accounts suspended for violating the rule increased to 244 percent.

“Looking at the data as a whole, it’s likely this increase is primarily reflective of our updated policies and increased effectiveness in detecting and removing non-consensual intimate media from Reddit,” the company said in the report.

The company also removed more than 80,000 pieces of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), increasing the figure by 874 percent compared to the year prior.

Reddit partially credits this figure to hiring more staff focused on combating CSAM. “Additionally, we added new ways to share media (such as images in chat and comments) on the platform,” Reddit said in its report.

The company says it will also share these reports more often, moving towards biannual publishing focused on six months of data each time.

Source: Reddit