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Now that Vidéotron owns Freedom Mobile, will you make the switch?

Vidéotron says it plans to make Freedom Mobile more affordable

After being stuck in regulatory approval for years, Canada’s Innovation Minister, François-Philippe Champagne, has finally approved Rogers’ merger with Shaw and Vidéotron’s acquisition of Freedom Mobile.

Now that Vidéotron has officially acquired Freedom, it has agreed to expand its 5G network in areas where Freedom Mobile already operates within the next two years. The company also says it will make its plan options 20 percent cheaper than major competitors, and data allotments for Freedom’s customers will increase by 10 percent.

All of the details are still unclear, but with Vidéotron now taking on Freedom Mobile, are you willing to make the switch if the brand’s service is available in your area?

Personally, I’d make the move. Vidéotron offers pretty good plans that offer 20GB of data for $50 per month with 100GB in your bucket for the year, and data at full speeds, the entire time. That said, it’s unclear if Vidéotron will bring these plans to Freedom Mobile, but if the company does, I’d definitely go through the hassle of changing providers. Who wouldn’t?

Let us know in the comments below if you’d make the switch.