Today is the last day to get $60/20GB and $65/30GB plans

Koodo and Fido warn the double-data deals end on April 3rd

Update 2023/04/05 at 2:06pm ET: Koodo has officially ended the double-data deals and Virgin Plus now lists April 5th as the final day to get them.

Update 2023/04/04 at 12:18pm ET: Koodo’s website now lists the end date for the double data deals as April 4th, so it looks like you’ve got another day to get the deal.

Update 2023/04/04 at 8:47am ET: It appears Fido has removed its $60/20GB and $65/30GB plans in favour of $60/15GB and $65/20GB plans. It’s worth noting that while these plans aren’t as good as the deals were, they are better than what Fido offered before the deals started.

Virgin Plus and, interestingly, Koodo, have not removed the deals yet. Koodo’s website still lists the April 3rd end date for the plans as of the time of this update. Virgin Plus didn’t add an end date for the promotions to its website.

It looks like today will be the last day to take advantage of double data deals at Koodo, Fido and Virgin Plus.

Both Koodo and Fido have added notices to their respective websites warning that the double data bonuses offered for roughly the last month will end on April 3rd, 2023. Virgin Plus hasn’t added an end date to its website yet, but historically the three providers move in lockstep, and I expect Virgin will drop the offers within a few days of Koodo and Fido ending them.

As a quick refresher, the plans in question were a $60/mo 20GB plan (usually 10GB) and a $65/mo 30GB plan (usually 15GB). There was also a $10/mo credit for 24 months available to bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers.

Moreover, Koodo appears to have already ended the $10/mo credit offered to BYOP customers. Fido and Virgin both still offer the credit, however.

Virgin and Koodo kicked off the double data deal at the end of February, and Fido matched the deal a day later. Over the first couple weeks of March, Virgin, then Koodo, and finally Fido added the $10/mo credit.

It’s a real bummer to see the deals go away. $55/mo for 30GB of data isn’t bad, and it’s the best offer we’ve seen since the $45/50GB deal over Black Friday. Until we see another decent offer from these providers, it’s probably best to hold off on switching or upgrading.