Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 reportedly thinner, lighter than previous models

The foldable is predicted to be officially revealed in August of this year

Reports from South Korean publisher ETNews suggest that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 could see Samsung perfect its hardware and hinge system.

It’s being teased that the 5th-gen version will be lighter and thinner than previous models and feature a hinge that leaves zero gaps between the phone’s displays.

The report states that the change would come from a teardrop-shaped hinge rather than the traditional U shape. This would make the Galaxy Z Fold 5 thinner and allow the phone to be folded completely flat.

Allegedly, the Z Fold 5 could weigh 13g less than the Z Fold 4, and measure 13.4mm when folded, compared to 14.2mm of the Z Fold 4.

The only downside of the report claims that the thinner design of the Z Fold 5 would not leave enough room for the Samsung S Pen. This would mean that the phone would not come with a stylus slot.

Although there have been no official reports, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is predicted to be officially revealed in August of this year alongside the Z Flip 5.

In other Samsung-related rumours, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is reported to have a larger cover screen.

Source: ETNews Via: Droid Life