Spotify committed to adding AirPlay 2 support in the future

"Spotify remains committed to Airplay 2 at some point in the future"


Audio streaming service Spotify has been teasing the possibility of AirPlay 2 support since 2021 and now has made another promise to update the app to support it. Although offering Apple’s original AirPlay connection, Spotify has not made the jump to support AirPlay 2.

Launched in 2018, AirPlay 2 includes improved audio buffering and the ability to stream music to multiple devices simultaneously.

Spotify said it “remain(s) committed to AirPlay 2 at some point in the future.” However, the company told Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman that they had not provided a specific timeline or release date for support.

This announcement comes after complaints from users regarding Spotify’s lack of support for Apple’s HomePod products.

Spotify claimed in 2019 that Apple was enforcing anticompetitive behaviour, including stating the tech giant was preventing support by Spotify for their HomePod products. Despite three years passing and support now being fully available to Spotify, no action has been taken to introduce HomePod compatibility.

While AirPlay 2 support is still in the works, there are currently no plans for Spotify to provide an update to include HomePod support.

Source: Bloomberg Via: MacRumors