This is when you should use your leftover rolls for Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win

Yes, it's in the early hours of the morning

An Ontario professor has nailed down the ideal time to increase your chance of successfully winning a round of Tim Hortons Roll Up To Win.

According to Michael Wallace, an associate statistics professor at the University of Waterloo, that time would be 3:16am.

He came to the conclusion after rolling 30 virtual rolls at what he calculated to be the best time to play, winning 23 of them. He also played 30 times during the worst calculated time and only won five times.

“So my win rate was about five times higher playing at the optimal time or nearly 80 percent,” he told Global News.

The worst time to try and win is between 11am and 12pm. However, he cautions the 3:16am time frame could change now that he has revealed the details.

While the contest is officially over, you might want to try this method with any remaining rolls you have left.

Image credit: Tim Hortons 

Source: Global News