Apple-like handoff feature might arrive with Android 14

Google has not officially announced this feature yet, so it is unclear if and when it will be available or how it will work

Android 14 logo on Pixel 7

One of the primary benefits of owning Apple devices is the connectivity within the tech giant’s ecosystem of devices. For example, Handoff is a feature that lets you seamlessly transfer tasks and data between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

You can start writing an email on your phone and finish it on your laptop, or you can answer a call on your watch and switch to a different Apple device. Google has been working on improving the connectivity between Android devices and Chromebooks, but it still lags behind Apple in this area; however, this might change with Android 14.

Google might be ready to introduce a new feature that would allow you to hand off phone calls from one Android device to another.

According to @MishaalRahman on Twitter, in Android 14’s Developer Preview 2, there’s a new “SYSTEM_CALL_STREAMING role that only system apps targeting SDK 34 and which have a CALL_STREAMING_SERVICE implemented can hold.”

Rahman also uncovered references to CallControl and StreamingCall APIs in the documentation published by Google when Android 14 Developer Preview 1 was released in February. These APIs are related to the “nearby calling” feature that was spotted in Android 12L and the Google Nest Hub.


“What I suspect this’ll be used for is to stream voice call audio from an Android phone to an Android tablet. Imagine you get a call on your Pixel, but you’re near your Pixel Tablet. Tap the output switcher and select the tablet to begin streaming the phone call to your tablet!” wrote Rahman.

Since the API is available for all Android devices, it is possible that Google will eventually expand this feature to other device pairs, such as Chromebooks and Android phones. This would make it easier to switch between devices without interrupting your phone calls.

Google has not officially announced this feature yet, so it is unclear if and when it will be available or how it will work. What is clear, however, is that Google is trying to catch up with Apple in terms of creating a seamless ecosystem of devices that work well together.

From what we know so far, Android 14 will also bring separate live wallpapers for Home and Lock screens, alongside separate ring and notification volume settings in the new OS. Android 14 is expected to come out sometime this fall, so users wouldn’t have to wait too long to make use of the security feature.

Source: @MishaalRahman Via: AndroidPolice