Some Pixel Watch owners report backplate falling off

So far reports are not widespread with only a small number showing up on Reddit

Like any Google product, the Pixel Watch has had its share of issues. But a new problem seems a bit more serious — some Pixel Watch owners had the watch’s backplate pop off.

So far, the problem doesn’t seem very widespread, with only a small number of reports showing up on Reddit. In the past two days, there were two posts about the problem on Reddit, with another replying in the comments to say they also had the issue.

Pixel Watch backplate falling off, | Images credits: u/milkkomson (left) and u/MelonHeadSeb (right)

There’s also no clear cause for the back plate popping off. Both Redditors claim they haven’t worn the watch swimming and generally avoided getting it wet. Some commenters suggested it could be due to sweat, humidity or heat fluctuations.

Whatever the cause, it seems those impacted so far have been able to resolve the issue, either through Google Support with a warranty-covered repair or by finding a repair shop. Again, the problem doesn’t seem super widespread, but if it does happen to your Pixel Watch, it seems like you’ll be covered.

Source: Reddit ‘milkkomson,’ (2) ‘MelonHeadSeb’