Google Bard gets update page detailing new changes and additions

The update page lists new changes and why Google made them

Google’s experimental Bard conversational AI chat service got a new updates page to let people know what’s new.

Available at ‘bard.google.com/updates,’ the page details “experiment update[s]” to Bard. Currently, the page only shows the inaugural update from April 10th, 2023, which includes three additions, descriptions of the changes and ‘why’ sections.

The April 10th update adds the experiment updates page (duh). Google says it added the page so “people will have an easy place to see the latest Bard updates for them to test and provide feedback.”

Along with that, the update added additional suggested Search topics when people click the ‘Google it’ button – Google says this will help people explore a wider range of interests and related topics.

Finally, Google says it boosted Bard’s capabilities in math and logic because “Bard doesn’t always get it right.” The company says it’s working toward higher-quality responses in those areas.

Though the information is somewhat vague, it’s good to see Google doing more to communicate updates and changes to Bard. Having transparency on what’s new (and why Google chose to do something) is a big win for Bard users and AI in general.

The new update page comes after Google promised to improve Bard following a lacklustre launch.

Source: Google Via: Engadget