Rogers to acquire BAI, bring cell service to TTC subway users

Rogers will acquire BAI in the next two weeks, but it will take the company two years to complete its 5G build

Rogers will soon own BAI Communications’ Canadian division, the telecom company with the rights to build the TTC’s wireless network.

The telecom giant says the move will allow it to gradually bring 5G services to subway riders, including access to 911 services. Rogers says the project will take two years to complete, citing “limited overnight construction windows.”

BAI has owned the infrastructure since 2012, according to Rogers, and has presented companies with the opportunity to sign on to provide full-service coverage to all TTC riders, including those using the subway. Freedom Mobile was the only company to complete the measure in 2017. Bell, Telus, and Rogers never signed on.

TTC riders have faced a rise in violence in the past months, and while the transit company has introduced some measures to attempt to address the issue, the lack of connectivity underground is a glaring problem.

While it’s clear the move will benefit Rogers’ customers, it’s unclear what it means for customers using other networks and if problems will continue to persist.

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Source: Rogers