YouTube is granting its Premium subscribers higher-quality videos

The new features are available now for Premium members

YouTube is introducing an enhanced 1080p HD video quality option for its Premium subscribers, alongside other features.

The feature is currently only available on iOS but is being rolled out on the web soon. The new 1080p premium option is described as “an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p” with the ability to make videos with lots of detail and motion appear crisper, according to YouTube.

The video-sharing platform had been testing this feature as of February of 2023 which initially stirred up panic among nonsubscribers who thought YouTube would remove the existing 1080p option. Thankfully, YouTube has confirmed the standard 1080p choice will remain active for all users.

Despite the news, not all videos will have the 1080p premium option, with YouTube saying videos uploaded at higher or lower resolutions than 1080p, live streams and Shorts won’t be compatible.

If a bump in video quality wasn’t enough, YouTube announced additional features coming to Premium members. One of which is the ability for iOS users to watch videos with friends and family members using FaceTime via SharePlay.

YouTube Premium members will also be able to pick up where they left off on videos across mobile devices and the desktop site, a useful feature for those who don’t want to waste time fast-forwarding after a device switch.

Further, members gain access to an updated queuing system allowing users on phones or tablets to create lists of videos for them to watch next.

With all of these perks and more, it’s not surprising that around 30 million users made the jump to YouTube Premium in 2022 alone. Now, with an option for even better video quality being introduced, the company is making a serious case for those who haven’t made the switch yet to pull the trigger.

Source: YouTube Via: The Verge