Google Messages launches new feature to send images faster

The feature hasn't shown up for all users yet

Google Messages has quietly rolled out a new feature that allows users to send images faster by reducing their resolution.

The feature, which was first reported by 9to5Google, is called “Send photos faster,” and appears as a toggle in settings.

Google is currently rolling out the feature to users, though it hasn’t shown up on all devices. The feature could be especially beneficial to users with limited internet access and in data-constrained areas as the feature reduces the resolution of images before sending them. However, there seems to be no discernible visual difference between the images, which is a good sign.

According to 9to5Google, the setting is toggled on by default, and users can turn it off by tapping their Google Account thumbnail and navigating to Message settings. The feature should be located underneath the toggle for Bubbles if it is available.

The “Send photos faster” toggle on Google Messages is a welcome addition for users who want to reduce the data used to send images or those who have limited storage or data caps.

Source: 9to5Google